2006-05: Kumula Cases, a case management application for lawyers is now available. Enjoy!

2006-05: The latest stable release (we call it "1.0") before porting Kumula to Qt4 is made public. It has now been split, the base package now contains only Clients, BizCalc, Users and Configurator. "Kumula Letters" has been released separately.

A free business management software suite for KDE

What is Kumula?

Kumula is intended to become a complete software suite for most of your business needs. Although it started as software for consultants, it is flexible enough to be used by almost any type of business. Currently Kumula provides a small CRM (Clients) and a Mini-DMS (Documents), and is further enhanced by some other applications.

Download Kumula

Kumula is written in Qt , PyQt and Python using the fabulous Eric3 development environment.

Kumula is free software, and is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2 or above. It is known to run on any platform that KDE (3.0+) is available for, including Linux and FreeBSD.