"Journal" is the accounting program for Kumula.


"Journal" is the accounting program for Kumula. Because of Kumula's flexible architecture, it allows accounting for your clients, so it will be a good choice for accounting offices and tax consultants (to do accounting for yourself, create an "internal client").

Interface & data structure

"Journal" is currently the only Kumula application with a MDI interface. This means, it works with child windows in the main window. This provides the big advantage of having input windows and reporting windows side-by-side on the screen.

For each client you can create individual fiscal years. To each fiscal year some batches can be assigned. The batches are not limited to months or accounts, e.g. you can create 4 batches for 1 month or 1 batch for 3 months - it's on your own.

Into each batch you can input unlimited financial records. Currently, "Journal" doesn't have any Charts-of-Accounts, like USGAAP or DATEV.


For doing business reports, "Journal" has a modular concept. This means, everybody could write individual reports for the application. Currently, only the "account" report is partly implemented. Other reports, e.g. balance or account lists, will be created at a later time.