If you upgrade from a previous Kumula version, some things may have changed. Mainly this could happen in the database structure, if some databases, tables or fields were changed. At this page we describe the differences between the various Kumula versions.

2005.11 to 1.0 (Spring 2006)

The database tables for clients have changed massively. The "groups" are now replaced by much more flexible "attributes" and "options".

2005.03 to 2005.11

The separate databases are now built together into one single database. So it was necessary to change the table names. For example, the table "clients.addresses" (where "clients" is the name of the old database) is now called "kumula.clients_addresses". The fields in the tables were not changed during this release.

2004.09 to 2005.03

No changes to the database were made.