"Clients" is the client/customer management program.


"Clients" is the client/customer management program. It plays a central role in the Kumula Suite.

Each client has an ID number and a name. Further information, like addresses or telephone numbers, is managed by separate modules embedded in the "Clients" application. The clients can be organized with different attributes. You can group clients together by legal form, address type or whatever you want.

It is also possible to mark a client's state as "potential" or "lost", and to show/hide the potential or lost clients. This means you don't have to delete lost clients, you can mark them as "lost" and hide them.

Since the latest release, it's also possible to mark a client as "user related". In detail, "Clients" notices the relation between your user name and the client's id. After that you can limit the list: Only clients related to you will be shown. This is very useful if your company has a huge amount of clients and you are responsible for only some of them.


Getting started

There's a user guide which will help you learn how to get started with Clients.