Getting started with Clients

Create client(s)

The first time you start the "Clients" application, there are no clients in the list. This is not the best way using Kumula, because most apps need a client to work properly. So create a client by selecting "Client" / "New..." from the menu. Enter the name of your client and enter its ID. The ID can be numeric or alphanumeric.

Note: It's a good idea to create an internal client with the data of your own company. This way you can use the other apps for managing your documents or doing accounting.

Input contact data

If you have one or more clients, you can enter client-related data, e.g. addresses, telephone numbers and contact persons. Select the "Contacts" module on the bottom, and you'll get an overview about the selected client. Click one of the "new entry"-icons to enter new data. For editing existing data, click on the "edit"-icon beside the entry. A click on the "trash bin"-icon deletes the related data.

Create groups

Later, when your client list is becoming very long, think about organizing your clients with attributes. The attributes concept allows you to assign one or more attributes to a client, and vice versa. E.g. if you're a tax consultant, you can create a "client type" attribute with options like "Accounting", "Consulting" and "Taxes". You can manage attribute by selecting the "Attributes" menu. To view the clients with a specific attribute, select "SideBar shows" from the "View" menu.

Select "All clients" on the left side to ignore the existing attributes and to show all clients.

Potential and lost clients

If you're in contact with people and companies, which could become clients in future, you can manage them, too. Select them and choose "Client" / "Set status" / "Potential client" from the menu. Also, if you have lost a client, it's not necessary to delete the client. You can leave it in the database, but mark it as "lost client". "Potentials" and "lost clients" can be shown or hidden with the "Settings" menu.

Related clients

Since the latest release it's also possible to mark a client as "related". This means, "Clients" stores the relation between your user name and the client's id. Choose "Client" / "Is related to me" to set or unset the relation flag. In the "Settings" menu you can limit the client list by selecting "Show only related clients". After that, only clients related to you will be shown.

What's next?

After you created some clients in the happy little program, you can press the "For this client" button in the upper right of its window. This will show you a menu of tasks you can do with other (installed!) Kumula applications. You can use this menu to start a program - and the selected client will automatically used by it (e.g. if you select the client "foobar" and choose "write letter to", this will bring up Kumula Letters showing you the addresses of "foobar").

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