Getting started with Documents

Create folder tree

The first and most important thing you have to do is to create a folder structure for all clients. Choose "Folder" / "New folder..." to create the folder structure. This should be done carefully and be well thought out because later changes to the global folder tree affect every client. A useful folder structure could own "bills", "letters" (and so on) or maybe just the years ("2004", "2005", ...).

If you do any projects which are specific to each client, it's probably a good idea to create client-specific folders, too. Mark the checkbox at the bottom of the "New folder" dialog to do so. Client-specific folders have a violet icon (instead of the blue icons of global folders) and are not visible in another clients' folder tree.

Please help us to create some predefined folder structures for branches.

Like a file manager

You can use this application like a file manager, e.g. KDE's Konqueror or Windows Explorer. But the main difference is that the documents will be stored in the database, including all versions of one document. Import them, move them from one folder to another, delete them, restore them (they will be restored to the Inbox), export them...

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